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3 Questions to Ask Your Potential HVAC Technician

3 Questions to Ask Your Potential HVAC Technician

Did you know that the average HVAC unit can cost a homeowner $10,000 to install?

If you want to make sure that you’re getting everything that you can out of the HVAC unit that is currently in your home so you don’t have to worry about the cost of replacing one, it’s important for you to have your HVAC unit regularly checked upon.

However, you should only ever entrust this task to a licensed and trained HVAC technician.

While you may not know how to hire an HVAC technician, it’s important that you ask them a few questions before you completely hire them to help you. That’s why today, we’ve created this quick guide to help you get a better understanding of the questions that you should ask an HVAC technician.

1. Do You Have a License?

The first question that you should ask any HVAC technician that you’re considering working with is if they have a license. Just like you wouldn’t work with a medical professional that doesn’t have a doctorate or any sort of medical license, you need to make sure that the HVAC technician you’re going to work with has a license.

If you’re going to work with an HVAC company, you should ask if they have a license and if they’re insured. No matter if you’re only looking for a minor repair job or you’re looking to completely redo your HVAC unit, it’s important to make sure that the HVAC technician you’re looking to work with has both of these things.

2. Do You Have References?

Next, you should ask the HVAC technician that you’re looking to work with if they have any references.

If they aren’t able to provide you with any references, you can look on their Facebook page, Yelp, and their website to check out the reviews left about them. Make sure that the current customers that they’re working with are leaving positive reviews about the quality of the job in customer service.

If you’re finding that there’s a lot of negative reviews or comments about a specific technician or the company that you consider working with, you may want to rethink your options.

3. How Much Experience Do You Have?

Another important question you should ask an HVAC technician before you consider working with them is how much experience they have. While the amount of experience that an HVAC technician has doesn’t necessarily mean that they’re going to do a great job, it does indicate that they have the ability to perform a certain level of quality.

If you’re not just sold on how much experience a certain technician has, you can also ask to see if they have any certifications from organizations that ensure they’re up-to-date on the latest trends in the HVAC industry.

The Best Questions to Ask an HVAC Technician Before Hiring

By getting a better understanding of the questions that you should ask an HVAC technician before you consider hiring them, you can ensure that you’re choosing somebody that’s qualified to earn your money and service.

If you’re overwhelmed trying to find an HVAC technician by yourself, look no further. We have a team filled with many experienced and highly trained professional HVAC technicians that are here to help. Click here to contact us today to learn more!

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