Stay Comfortable


Fulkerson Plumbing & Air Conditioning is committed to keeping you and your family comfortable. With our summer climate in Southeastern New Mexico, temperatures can soar to as high as 110­°F on our hottest days with averages in the high 90s. Pair that with a broken air conditioner and things can get downright unbearable!

Fulkerson Plumbing & Air Conditioning offers 24/7 Emergency A/C repair, so no matter what time of the day or night you are in need of service, we are here to help. We understand the stress of a hot home without air conditioning, which is why our team of expert technicians makes it their priority to repair or replace your unit. We can diagnose the problem and find a solution that is right for you. Experience the comfort of knowing you are in expert hands.

Regular A/C Maintenance

The only time most people think about their A/C is when it stops working. Recommended regular maintenance is important to keep your unit cooling your home safely and efficiently for years, and it can help you avoid more costly repairs down the road.  At Fulkerson we offer a Comfort Service Plan to customers who want their air conditioner checked by an experienced technician on a regular basis.  Check out our benefits for customers who join our Comfort Service Plan team.

A/C Replacement

Even a well-maintained air conditioner will have to be replaced periodically. But when is the right time to replace vs. repair your A/C? Here are a few key indicators that it might be time to get a new unit:

  • Your A/C is more than 10 years old.
  • Your A/C needs frequent repairs.
  • Your A/C needs expensive repairs.
  • Your A/C takes R-22 refrigerant.


Whether your air conditioning system is outdated or the repair expense is too costly, Fulkerson’s Comfort Specialists will work to find a solution to fit your needs. We offer the best new energy-efficient air conditioners, and because we know the financial strain investing in a new air conditioner can cause, we offer excellent financing options for qualified buyers.